Advance Joinery Group: A Pillar of Support in Herefordshire Mind's Latest Housing Project

Advance Joinery Group: A Pillar of Support in Herefordshire Mind’s Latest Housing Project

In a remarkable collaboration that underscores the importance of community involvement, Advance Joinery Group has partnered with Speller Metcalfe and Herefordshire Mind to transform a neglected residential property into a haven of supported accommodation. This initiative is part of Herefordshire Mind’s ongoing ‘Housing in Mind’ programme, aimed at providing quality housing to those grappling with mental health issues.

The ‘Housing in Mind’ Programme

Herefordshire Mind has been a beacon of support for individuals facing mental health challenges, offering a plethora of services ranging from community activities and counselling to business support and training. Their ‘Housing in Mind’ programme is particularly noteworthy, as it offers a variety of accommodation options—bedsits and shared flats in Hereford—to those who need additional emotional and practical support. These accommodations are backed by a dedicated mental health team available seven days a week.

Lizzy Smith, Herefordshire Mind’s Housing Manager, stated: “High-quality supported housing is crucial to mental health recovery. It empowers individuals to acquire the skills needed to manage their mental health issues effectively and lead fulfilling, independent lives.”

The Need for Expansion and Community Involvement

With the rising demand for their services, Herefordshire Mind decided to invest in an existing residential unit to broaden their accommodation offerings. However, financial constraints posed a significant hurdle. This is where Speller Metcalfe, a contractor currently working on a new Day Case Surgical Unit at Hereford Hospital, decided to intervene. They generously offered to cover all labour costs and even encouraged their suppliers to contribute materials free of charge.

Adrian Speller, Technical Director at Speller Metcalfe, remarked: “Supporting a charity like Herefordshire Mind is close to our hearts. The construction industry has alarming rates of suicide and mental health issues. We aim to not just raise awareness but also to act by assisting those who need us the most.”

Advance Joinery Group’s Significant Contribution

Among the suppliers, Advance Joinery Group stood out by offering to supply replacement windows for the project, free of charge. Windows are an essential element in any housing project, impacting not just aesthetics but also energy efficiency and security. Advance Joinery Group’s contribution is not just material but symbolic, shedding light—quite literally—on the lives of those who will reside in these new units.

Alicia Lawrence, Herefordshire Mind’s Chief Executive, expressed: “We are incredibly thankful to Speller Metcalfe, Advance Joinery, and Neptune Building Services for their generosity. Their contributions in skills, materials, and labour are enabling us to refurbish our Coach House into two high-quality, much-needed supported housing units for people in Herefordshire living with mental health problems.”

The project commenced this September and is slated for completion before Christmas. Advance Joinery Group’s involvement is a testament to the power of community collaboration and corporate responsibility, especially when it comes to addressing critical issues like mental health. Their commitment to this cause is not just a business decision but a reflection of their ethos to contribute positively to the community they serve.

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