Our range of supply only aluminium doors provide the ideal blend of style, performance and security. Advance Building Plastics are based in Hereford and Kingsbridge, but are happy to serve customers nationwide, as well as all the immediate surrounding counties. Get in touch with us today to get a bespoke estimate on our doors, have a query answered or to chat with our fantastic customer service team.

British Made

The aluminium doors we supply are crafted from high grade aluminium here in the UK. They deliver the perfect combination of performance and aesthetics.

Simple to Install

Designed for an easy fit, our aluminium doors feature adjustable hinges and lock keeps which allow for simpler installation and onsite fitting flexibility.

Secure Aluminium

Our aluminium doors feature multipoint locking systems for improved security whilst the door sections and hinges are reinforced for strength.

Long Lasting Doors

One the main benefits of aluminium compared to other materials on the market is its longevity. Doors made from aluminium will stay looking fantastic for decades, without showing any signs of wear and tear, and without needing huge amounts of maintenance.

Once you have installed the aluminium doors we supply, they require very little upkeep to stay looking and performing their best. To ensure they stay performing their best, make sure the moving components are kept free from an excess of dust to stop jarring.

The range of aluminium doors Advance Building Plastics supply are available with high security glazing and locking mechanisms for added homeowner peace of mind.

Thermally Efficient Profiles

Aluminium is a natural insulator, that’s why it makes such a fantastic material for front and back doors. Alongside double or triple glazing, which we also supply as a replacement service, homeowners can enjoy thermal efficiency as standard.

Our aluminium doors are completely weather resistant and use a polyamide thermal barrier to prevent heat loss. These chambers will help enhance insulation further, allowing our aluminium doors to achieve impressively low U-values. This will help keep buildings comfortable all year round. They will assist in lowering energy bills, as homeowners will need to rely on their central heating less. Being able to keep heat in your home, lowering the central heating requirement, is just one of the ways aluminium doors are positive on the environment. Aluminium is a sustainable material too, as recycling aluminium only requires 5% of the energy that was used to create it.

Our aluminium doors have been rigorously tested and provide exceptional weather performance, meeting the required standards. This means the building will stay leak and draught free, as well as being able to cope with the often temperamental British weather.

Request an Aluminium Door Quote

Submit a request for a aluminium door via our online contact form. Enter the details of your desired door, and we can provide an accurate supply only quote based on your specifications.

To discuss a supply only project face to face, visit us in Hereford or Kingsbridge today.


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