Give a home a new lease on life with the bifold doors Advance Building Plastics offer on supply only. Whether you’re renovating a kitchen, living room, bedroom or conservatory; our Hereford and Kingsbridge based supply counter has the solution for you. If you are a homeowner or tradesperson in the South West or across the UK, request a quote today. Get in touch with our fantastic customer service team with any questions.

Low Maintenance

With our modern aluminium bifold doors, end users won’t have to worry about their upkeep. These folding doors stay looking and working as good as the day they were installed. Just wipe them down from time to time to keep them looking fresh.

Bespoke Designs

All the bifold doors we supply are unique and tailored to each project and each customer. Help design your ideal set of bifolding doors that look and work however you want. This includes opening from right to left, from left to right or anywhere in between.

Easy Operation

Our bifold doors work incredibly smoothly and are easy to use without reducing security features. Homeowners and commercial customers can have confidence when buying their bifold doors from us. Gone are the days of sticky bifold profiles.

Colour Options

bi-fold-white bi-fold-chartwell-green bi-fold-dark-red bi-fold-brilliant-blue bi-fold-steel-blue bi-fold-agate-grey

Secure and High Performance

Our bifold doors are made by Smart, one of the leading manufacturers for aluminium products. We choose aluminium frames for our bifold doors because they are lightweight, yet incredibly strong. Because the frames are durable, they do not require as much support, which reduces the width of the sightlines. The bifold doors we supply are designed to last for decades with very low maintenance requirements, making them the ideal, fantastic investment for homeowners.

Our bifold doors are designed to perform to a high standard. Each frame has been constructed with a polyamide thermal break to improve the thermal performance of the doors. This will help prevent heat escaping the building and reduces the risk of condensation.

While some may be concerned that replacing an entire wall with a bifold door may have a negative impact on the thermal performance, this is not true. Customers will find that our bifold doors will protect buildings the elements – come rain or shine. This feature will help homeowners save money on energy bills while bringing down significantly high carbon footprints.

Aluminium Bifold Door quotes Hereford

Enjoy a Seamless Transition

Our bifold doors will transform the home’s living areas, adding a sense of space and light. Whether the project requires you to replace old sliding doors to add more space or open up an entire wall, bifold doors are the perfect solution.

Our bespoke bifold doors come with impressive opening apertures that unite the inside and outside of building. This helps to create a unique, dynamic space for business or social activities.

Request a Bifold Door Quote

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