Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Hereford

Advance offers a beautiful selection of slimline Aluminium Bi-fold doors in Hereford & Cheltenham.

The system of folding doors will modernise the appearance of your home. Additionally, you’ll gain from the greater selection of advantages offered by aluminium bifold doors, which will significantly improve your home’s functionality. For your Hereford or Cheltenham home, Advance provides a gorgeous selection of aluminium slimline bifold doors.

Our Aluminium Windows are backed by a 10 year guarantee as standard and are registered with leading governing body Certass. Get a free quote online today or contact us.


Secure and High Performance

Our bifold doors are made by Smart, one of the leading manufacturers for aluminium products. We choose aluminium frames for our bifold doors because they are lightweight, yet incredibly strong. Because the frames are durable, they do not require as much support, which reduces the width of the sightlines. The bifold doors we supply are designed to last for decades with very low maintenance requirements, making them the ideal, fantastic investment for homeowners.

Our bi-fold doors in Cheltenham are designed to perform to a high standard. Each frame has been constructed with a polyamide thermal break to improve the thermal performance of the doors. This will help prevent heat escaping the building and reduces the risk of condensation.