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Aluminium Skylights Hereford

Advance specialise in the supply & installation of Skylights – we are the leading provider of top-tier skylights and roof windows in Hereford and Kingsbridge. Specializing in an array of adaptable roof window options, we commit ourselves to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of your homes by offering skylights that transform your space with natural light.

Our showrooms in both Hereford and Kingsbridge showcase our unique and diverse range, enabling customers to explore the possibilities and discuss their needs with our expert team. Whether you’re planning a modest renovation or a grand-scale home improvement project, our skylights can be customized to any angle, equipped with double or triple glazing to optimally filter light into your home.

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Experience the Unmatched Benefits of Our Slimline Skylights

The benefits of our skylights extend far beyond mere illumination. Renowned for being among the slimmest in the industry, our lanterns not only blend seamlessly into your home decor but also bring a modern, sleek look to your space. Their design is crafted for ease of installation and available in a variety of styles, including Contemporary, Regular, and Square.

With the capability to deliver lanterns up to a remarkable size of 1.5m x 3m – the largest in the market, we provide a stunning expanse of sky view within the comfort of your home. This exceptional feature is a testament to Atlas Roofs’ expertise and is only achievable due to our commitment to meeting required BSI standards.

Boasting 60% slimmer internal ridges and 38% slimmer internal hips than alternatives, our skylights maintain a minimalist aesthetic, reducing external bulk by over 50%. Our skylights go beyond mere form and function – they are an architectural statement, offering unparalleled elegance and structural integrity.