Advance Building Plastics are a one stop shop supplier for all of your commercial and residential roofline needs. We supply fascias, soffits and guttering for customers across the South West and the UK, whatever your requirements. Learn more about our range of roofline products below or request a price bespoke to your project via our online contact form.

Roofline Products


Cap over fascia, full replacement, decorative & flat fascias, including accessories, ventilation & finials.

Fascia Supplier Hereford & Kingsbridge

Solid & hollow soffit, ventilation, trims and pins & nails.

Soffit Supplier Hereford & Kingsbridge
Gutter Systems

Round, square, ogee, deep & cast gutters, as well as downpipes, fittings, hedgehog brushes and steel gutter brackets.

Gutter Supplier Hereford & Kingsbridge

Standard, woodgrain, Fortex embossed, X-Wood, Fortex Clic & cladding accessories.

Cladding Supplier Hereford & Kingsbridge
Boards, Architraves & Angles

Window boards, end caps, architraves, trims & angles.

Window Architrave Supplier Hereford & Kingsbridge
Pins & Nails

Pins, nails & clapdins to complement our range of roofline products.

Roofline Pins & Nails Supplier Hereford & Kingsbridge

Sun Protection

All the roofline products we supply are protected against the sun’s harmful UV rays. These rays can cause discolouration and can cause building materials to age faster.

Environmentally Friendly

All of our roofline products are 100% lead free. We supply products from Freefoam, who use advanced, environmentally friendly component for their products.

Manufacturer Guarantees

10 year transferable guarantee on colour and woodgrain and 30 year transferable guarantee when customers choose our range of white roofline products.

Weatherproof Products

A common issue with guttering is that it expands in the heat and contracts in the cold weather. This constant movement will put strain on the seals, causing them to creak, shift and then later break. Homeowners and customers need not fear, the roofline products we supply have a long life and feature advanced compressed seals. 

Our roofline permits movement without causing noise and creating gaps, stopping water escape. The added layer of white uPVC used inside the gutter reduces the amount of heat absorbed and decreases movement compared to other systems on the market.

Home and business owners can enjoy guttering that stays leak free for longer and doesn’t get damaged by the sun’s harmful UV rays. The roofline products we supply are manufactured using extra titanium which reflects heat and accommodates this movement.

Fascias, Soffits and Guttering Hereford

Long Lasting Quality

With Advance Building Plastics, you can be sure the home’s roofline will be protected and will stay protected in years to come. The manufacturer’s guarantees are transferable, so if a customer sells the home, the guarantee stays with it.

The roofline products we supply to both homeowners and tradespeople are made from two innovative parts. One part is a strong PVC UE foam core, which is protected with a top coating of rigid uPVC. This gives a smooth yet strong skin. This skin is resistant to acid, alkali and other air pollution. It will also not warp, crack or discolour over time and in harsh British weather. Enjoy a roofline that will last, eliminating the need to worry about constant replacements.

Request a Roofline Quote

Request a quote for any of our roofline systems today. Whether you’re looking to source a complete set of fascias, soffits and guttering or just certain components, we can provide supply only quotes bespoke to you.

You are also welcome to visit us directly to discuss supply only roofline prices in person. Take a trip to either our Kingsbridge or our Hereford showroom today.


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