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uPVC Vertical Sliding Windows Kingsbridge

Looking for stylish and functional sliding sash windows? Look no further than Advance, the experts in window design and installation. With branches in Hereford and Kingsbridge, we are proud to serve customers throughout the UK with our top-quality products and exceptional service. Our sliding sash windows are perfect for those looking to add a touch of traditional charm to their home, without sacrificing on functionality or energy efficiency.

Our Vertical Sliding Windows are backed by a 10 year guarantee as standard and are registered with leading governing body Certass. Get a free quote online today or contact us.


Low Maintenance Design

Our vertical sliding windows also come with spring balances, which will stop the door slamming shut and keeps little fingers and the window itself safe. Child restrictors can also be added to stop the bottom sash from being totally opened, adding further safety to the property. All the security upgrades we offer are available in a range of styles to uphold the classic look of sliding sash windows while maintaining the safety of the home.

Each of our sliding sash windows are fitted with double glazed panels. This glass is fitted with lockable catches for added security. If you are concerned the glazing isn’t performing as well as it should, get in touch today and find out more about our double or triple glazed unit replacement service.